Радиоклуб ВЕТЕРАН

Russian club of veterans amateur radiocommunication

Club of veterans of amateur radio communication "Veteran" is formed at the fund Inter-Radio most recently, will shade 1998 but, in spite of this, already many hundred persons from Russia, countries of near and distant country. In one only Petersburg more than 65 members of club. Criterion of entering in the club sufficiently democratic: it is necessary be at an age senior 40 years and have its personal call sign more than 20 years. Membership in the club free. At present members of club steels many known beside us in the country shortwaves. Be members of club and from other countries: Ukraines, Belorussia, Germany, USA, Israel and etc. 12 december 1998 was consisted portentous event, in the airwaves, under the direction of the initiator of organizations of club, chairman Inter-Radio Fund, Gnoussov B.V. (UA1DJ) pass an election of president of club "Veteran". Unforgettable event. Being in different spots of globe, radioamateurs-veterans of short waves, chose its President. Wants to emphasize a skill of an ing such multiple "round table". As a Result voting, majority, elected President of club "Veteran", they become known Moscow radioamateur
Zolotov Yuri (UA3HR)
Club "Veteran" puts take aim to unite the amateurs of shortwaves, having rich experience of work in the airwaves, form sort of radioamateur guard, and certainly organizine help members of club. Club has its allegory (in the headline an page), is prepared to seal radioamateur diploma "Veteran", with 1999 and annually 12 december will is conducted weeks of activities of members of club "Veteran". In St.-Petersburg organized section of club "Veteran" on St.-Petersburg and Leningrad area.
Kononov V.V. (UA1ACO) chairman to sections (tvoj@smtp.ru)
But the most main, this contact old friend, studied carefully in the airwaves of much years (so and wants to say side by side, but write a frequency to the frequency). Hopes, club "Veteran" is a long life, since numbers of members will be renewed each year.

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