позывной UA1ACO

Call sign radioamateur radiostation

belongs Vladimir Kononov
Russia, St.-Petersburg
WAZ: 16 ITU: 29 RDA: SP-01
EU Areas for WEUA: ER01 EPC: #190 Veteran # 56 (since 1967)

Call sign - a second name of person.
On the call sign you know and in the home town and in the distant country. Alike call signs does not can be. Information Is Kept In each call sign on the country of residence, in some countries a call sign can point to the attribute of radio stations (collective, individual, civil, wailled and etc.).
Call sign is divided into two part: prefix - initial part of the call sign alike for the given country, and suffix - second part of the call sign (usually after the numeral) individual for each radio stations. Following prefixes are used In the city Saint-Petersburg in call signs: UA1, RA1, RK1, RN1, RU1, RV1, RW1, RZ1, U1, RD1
Exists an old tradition, after an contact a relationship, in token acknowledgements, radioamateurs are changed by cards-receipts, so named by QSL-cards. For the registration QSL-card is mobilized the whole fantasy of radioamateur, its possible even compare to WEB page, it is "person" radio stations. As far as QSL card is an acknowledgement of an ing a radio communication, exists an ensemble of Diplomas, given for undertaking the radio communications, on the grounds of tinned by QSL-cards. For instance, are given diplomas for undertaking the relationships with all continents of the world, for undertaking the relationships with 100 and more countries of the world, for undertaking the relationships with different territory and etc. Diploma is an acknowledgement of skill and experience of radioamateur, possibilities of its equipment. Be astonishing on the beauty diplomas, run for oak boards, with using a mintage, qualitative printing and etc.
Call sign UA1ACO sounds in the airwaves already more than 40 years. For this time conducted enourmous amount of relationships with different countries of the world, received diplomas WAC, WPX, WAE and etc. On VHF, for relationships with flaxes of Swedens WASM, for relationships with countries Baltic sea SOP and etc. Relationships be In the asset with the interesting people and expeditions in the different globe.
Relationships are conducted by different types of work: CW, SSB, FM, RTTY, PACKET, PSK31, FeldHell. For these years made the greater amount different HF and VHF equipments, instruments.
Fascinating deal, I say to you...

This is my foto
Certainly here to not place all photos (because of great volume) which would reflect my "way" in HAM radio. But, nevertheless, something is submitted that though somehow to make the general representation.

1967. The equipment, naturally, self-made and on lamps, transistors Have only just started to be applied, basically in pocket receivers. About microcircuits still anybody Did not dream and did not think, that they will once appear.
(Even a photo black-and-white. Hi)

1974. The transistors (!) transceiver first completely on 3,5 and 7 MHz with P=25 watt.
On 144 MHz has satisfied a condition of Swedish diploma WASM (worked with all regions Sweden),
The transmitter of 5 watt (GU-32), the antenna is 2х2x16 elements.

1974. Field day. Mountain on merge of the rivers Oredezh and Luga.
From left to right: UA1ACO, RA1AX (ex UA1CAI), UA1AWS.

1985. Has made the first computer "Sinclair". Transceiver UW3DI tube-transistors.
For all time has made pieces such 10-15 transceivers. On those times - the best, perhaps, the mass device.

My "shek" in 1998 year. Began development PSK-31.

1998. My antenns is not good (UW4HW, inverted V, 5 el for 144 and dipol for 14 MHz)
(in the foreground of a wire of an electric main in 8 meters from antenns!)

This is made in home transceiver, I use this from 1989 to 1997.
All bands (including 144 MHz), P = 20 watt, a synthesizer of frequency (the first, made by me, the transceiver with a synthesizer), with step of 10 hertz.

Made in home transceiver, I use this from 1997 to 2004 (and till now I use).
Parameters: on output 2 transistors KP904 (P out. = 25 watt). A synthesizer of frequency (a step of 25 hertz).
All bands, include WARC. 10 "memories". CW / SSB / VOX / AGC.
The sizes 250х250х150 mm with a power unit (inside).

2005. Test EH antenna. The Leningrad`s region - Vaskelovo.

2005. My antennas now, on new QTH (already the third under the account) absolutely poor:
Dipole on 14 MHz and EH antenna on a roof, - 14 MHz also.

2005. Here this EH antenna (50 sm in length) also stands on a roof. On it also I work (and it is necessary to tell not poorly).

And it already my "shek", in 2005. Equipment has exchanged (has appeared IC-718, MFJ-941E, etc.). It is necessary to tell, that it works and now at a level, and in something does not concede also import.

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