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Vladimir Kononov

"Think about worse, but hope on best"

Hello dear visitors of this page! Many thanks that have visited it. I hope, that You will waste time knowingly.

I shall tell some words about:
I the man (and that, it is valid so!), me of 68 years (and it is wonderful!), I live in city Saint-Petersburg in Russia, I have many hobbies on which there is no time.

Two of My hobbies are submitted on these pages. Certainly on the first place Costs radioamators, it is unconditional. Sometimes itself it seems to me, that as soon as I was born, Started to be engaged in radio electronics. I remember (at 12 years old) has constructed a telephone exchange on 7 numbers, On step-by-step selector SHI-25 (it was 1961), and all boys from our house could call each other (it was dialed the number, in a tube "buzzer" of station sounded...).
How many since then was various designs of receivers, transceivers, devices, antenns... .Disigning, it probably, the second hobby on the importance.
Some designs were exposed at exhibitions (winner VDNH NTTM), an incentive prize 27-VRV.
There were various articles on radioamateur subjects in magazines " Radio " (8/1975, 7/1979, 4/1981, 2/1984, 12/2001, 8/2005, etc.), " Radio-design 12 ", " Technics and Arms 2/1980 ", "Computerra #17 (685)" etc.
Here the connections most interesting, in my opinion, by digital kinds published in magazine " Radio " (in russian):

For viewing informations, click on banner of magazine " Radio ".

Certainly, some publications are difficult even for estimating, for example in the St.-Petersburg newspaper "Smena" (in russian):

For viewing in Adob Acrobat (if it is established on yours computer), click on figure.
Or keep a file of the text, "smena.pdf" for the further viewing off-line. (198 Kb)

I am not taken to make comments on style of a statement of a material and "painting" of the described facts.

There were plots on the Russian and Petersburg TV...

Fragment Russian TV (RTR) about radio communication on PSK-31 (January, 2000)

Fragment transfer of the program of "SPHERE" (TV "Culture") about hobbies of the VIP persons (March, 2005)

Cycle of transfers " Future of Russia 2030. " (Gordon, TV 1 channel). November, 2005.

Fragment transfer of the program of "History in details" (TV "CTC") about radioamators (January, 2009)
my surname has distorted instead of Kononov in Konovalov :) (it is ashamed televiziomans :)

Fragment of transmission of the program of cable television of Sankt-Petersburg (TV "TKT") about the radio amateurs of S-Peterburga and EH antennas (December, 2010).BR>
my surname has distorted instead of Kononov in Konovalov :) again, it is ashamed televizions`man :)

... But the most important, it Purchase of experience of designing and development of devices. About work on air it is possible to read on a page "UA1ACO." really fascinating business - travel on air on different to the countries, continents. Work with the rare expeditions visiting remote terrestrial.
But... Probably for all life I shall remember, as has accepted signal SOS (it was summer of 1974) and thus has rescued the person from death (unfortunately a note in the newspaper " Leningrad`s Pravda ", it was not kept). Probably such cases already "justify" ours hobby. By the way now in Russia the Radioamateur Emergency Service (RAS) consisting operates extremely from radio fans.

In 1998 has taken a great interest, just appeared, a digital kind of communication PSK-31. Since then I work on air only as this kind of communication, including in contest. For popularization of this communication, has created on the Internet a site devoted PSK-31.

(clik to link)

Recently, I spend many experiments with aerials and, in particular, with interesting ЕН antenna which in sizes much less standard, and on efficiency do not concede to them. Experiences I spend both on the ground and in air (and under water), result very interesting and if all did not check and did not make by all hands, for anything would not believe, that it can be.
In more detail about ЕН antenna it is possible to read on the specialized site created by me on ЕН antennas:

(clik to link)

Tests EH antenna near St.-Petersburg (Krasnoe Selo) and by planes in air.
There are also other hobbies: computers; drawing (I am afraid to tell painting); Astrology, photo. I like to go for a drive on Bicycle (to go for a drive instead of to be engaged in cycling), probably to a call negative emotion at many, but sports I do not love and I concern to it negatively - here physical culture, it other good business. Is also other hobbies, but as always there is no one - time. Here perhaps and all about itself. If there will be a desire, can "throw" e-mail - the address on the page "Post".
In total you kind, health, happiness and up to a meeting!
Vladimir (UA1ACO)

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